Extensible Image Recognition Systems modelling program

(Also known as eithne)

FaRetSys is a versatile program which lets you build and do research work on image recognition systems. It's built in very modular way, all functional blocks are in fact plugins loaded from external dll files. Anyone can write their own plugin to extend FaRetSys's capabilities.

FaRetSys uses .NET platform and GTK# library. It's able to run under Windows using Microsoft .NET Framework and under Linux using Mono. Other platforms are probably supported too, thanks to Mono.




Example system schematics using the ORL image database.

Bleeding edge

The most current version, most probably very stable, but without any guarantees it will even work can be obtained from the git repository using:

git clone http://team.pld-linux.org/~wolf/eithne.git/


git clone git://repo.or.cz/FaRetSys.git

gitweb interface is available here.

Current version

eithne 0.4.2 [source] [binary]
In-schematic bitmaps has been converted to vector drawings and a nasty windows bug has been fixed.

Previous versions

eithne 0.4.1 [source]
Preview of new input/output matching system, various progress indicators, Histogram View plugin, export to SVG, and more.

eithne 0.4.0 [source]
Multithreading, including complete rewrite of work engine, ability to change configuration, 7 new plugins along many changes in the old ones.

eithne 0.3.0 [source]
Four new plugins (including FFT) in this version, hidden configuration possibility and more.

eithne 0.2.1 [source]
This version boasts new look of blocks and introduces the "Best-of" plugin.

eithne 0.2.0 [source]
Major addition in this version are categories and two new plugins making use of them. You can now automatically check system's accuracy.

eithne 0.1.1 [source]
This version is much friendlier for garbage collector (although it's only couple lines of difference.) Various other changes also included.

eithne 0.1.0 [source]
This release is intended only as a proof of concept that FaRetSys actually works.

Windows compatibility

To run FaRetSys on Windows you may need the following software:

FaRetSys is released under GNU GPL v2.

Contact: bartosz.taudul at gmail dot com